I'm Sharon Cawthorne and I am a fully qualified Acupuncturist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Feng Shui Consultant currently living in Marske by the Sea, and brought up in Middlesbrough.  I became interested in Acupuncture after becoming seriously ill which required several major surgeries.  Acupuncture helped me recover quicker and put me on the road to recovery, consequently sparking my interest into helping others with their health issues.

Sharon Cawthorne - Acupuncturist / Hypnotherapist
Sharon Cawthorne

Training and Experience

I completed three years of full-time training at the highly respected Northern College of Acupuncture, York.  I graduated with both a Diploma and BSc (Hons) Degree in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  The degree is verified from the University of Central Lancashire, and I qualified in 2011 to become a Chinese Medicine Practitioner.

With over 8 years experience working in the clinical field of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, I  have gained valuable knowledge and a wealth of patient treatment experience. I have completed further practitioner training in Auricular Acupuncture, Fertility, Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture, Saam 5 element acupuncture under Prof Jong Baik, and more recently Master Tung Acupuncture.

In 2015 I qualified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and graduated with a Diploma from the prestigious Innervisions School of Clinical Hypnosis.  I have a wealth of experience dealing with Anxiety, Fears/Phobias, Smoking Cessation and Hypnoweight.  Further training in Emotional Freedom Technique helps me work with corporate clients delivering rapid stress reduction techniques.

I also graduated in 2020 as a Feng Shui Consultant, from the Grand Master Tan Yang Wu school of Flying Stars Feng Shui. Both Acupuncture and Feng Shui are branches of Chinese Metaphysics, and indeed Feng Shui is often referred to as Acupuncture for homes and businesses. Many people find their chronic health issues are in fact related to the Feng Shui of their homes, and using a qualified consultant can help remedy this and many other situations. I often include Feng Shui principles in an Acupuncture consult where appropriate.

I have diplomas in Acupressure Massage, Chinese Cupping and Reiki.

I am a member of the AAC - Association of Acupuncture Clinicians, the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council / General Hypnotherapy Register, and the Hypnotherapy Directory.

I'm also listed on the Natural Therapy For All website.

Both myself and the clinic are licensed with Middlesbrough Borough Council to practice Acupuncture, and I'm also licensed with Stockton on Tees Borough Council to practice Acupuncture as well.

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My Background

Prior to becoming a therapist I worked as a systems engineer in IT for nearly 20 years.  Making the career change was quite a challenge, but I like the fact I can't reboot my clients now....!

I live with my husband Alan who is a Biomechanics Podiatrist and my dog Roxy. We enjoy walking in the countryside and by the sea, we are lucky enough to live in North Yorkshire, which has both.

I'm also a part-time actor with Tall Tales Mysteries performing murder mystery plays which are great fun.

Tall Tales Mysteries
Tall Tales Mysteries Actors

Proud Moments

Back in 2012, I had the honour of being a volunteer at the London Olympics / Paralympics.   I worked in the Athletes Services Team utilising my skills.  I was part of the team working behind the scenes looking after the visually impaired Judo players in the Paralympics.  The whole experience was amazing from start to finish.

Games Maker - London 2012 Paralympics
Games Maker - London 2012 Paralympics