Water Season

In case it had slipped your attention we are officially in the midst of Winter here in the Northern Hemisphere, so in Chinese Medicine terms it means we are in Water season. Each season is associated with a different element, Winter is Water, Spring is Wood, Summer is Fire, and we have late summer which is Earth.

Each season is associated with different parts of the body and in future posts I will be discussing how the seasons affect those parts and what you may experience in terms of health issues and how you can help yourself.


Kidneys and Bladder

But in this post we are talking about Winter and the areas of the body associated with the Water element, which is the Kidneys and Bladder.  You may notice frequent visits to the loo as well as lower back ache. You might also notice issues with your ears and general aching affecting joints. The Kidneys have a strong connection with the Lungs in Chinese Medicine, so colds and flu, stuffy noses, sore throats, sinus congestion, chesty coughs and infections... and of course COVID 19 are all dominant in the Autumn and Winter.


Defensive Qi

So although Winter is Water season, you may also find yourself feeling colder than normal, almost chilled to the bone you might say, and the defensive Qi will really start to get tested by outside invasions such as cold and flu bugs. So keep wearing a scarf, but now add in a hat, some gloves, thick socks as well as a good coat. This helps protect your defensive Qi and I'm going to say this again, but please don't eat salads and cold foods. Soups, stews and casserole’s, are the order of the day.


Keeping Warm

Winter is usually the time to rest and retreat. Eating nourishing food and keeping warm. It's also a good time to relax and recharge the batteries after the hectic period of Christmas. Remember there is nothing like, a nice warm bath to take away the chills of the cold. I can even advocate a hot chocolate or two...if it's all medicinal of course.


Things associated with Winter and Water are;
Colour: blue / black
Direction: north
Emotion: fear
Taste: salty
Element: water

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