Stress & Anxiety Awareness

As everyone knows April was stress and anxiety awareness month and I certainly heightened that awareness with my article on this site, and my frequent Facebook and Twitter posts.  So that said, I couldn't let it pass without mentioning that April was also Bowel Cancer awareness month and I wrote an article that talks about it, which can be found here.

One of my big pieces of news for this month is my return to Body 2 Fit in Wynyard Park commencing on 1st May 2018. Body 2 Fit has undergone some huge changes over the last few months, and I'm so excited to be returning. I will be offering Acupuncture, Hypnotherapy, Acupressure Massage / Chinese Cupping and Cosmetic  Acupuncture. The clinic at Body 2 Fit is in addition to the clinic Shen Holistics currently operates at Ingleby Barwick. So if you'd like to make an appointment, you can contact me via the contacts page on this website or contact Body 2 Fit on 01642 680680.

knee pain

Painful Knees?

Another major piece of news for me is finding out I require knee replacements. I see many people with joint issues and I love helping relieve their pain and give them some mobility, so it was a little bit of a shock I can tell you to find out I am in the same boat as many of my clients. I've had problems with my knees for a long time, which I attributed to years of doing martial arts and crawling around under desks tracing cables / wires, when I worked for years in IT. Of course I had been self treating with acupuncture and massage, and clearly done a good job as I was managing to lead a fairly normalish active life, with only mild discomfort. It was only when my knees started collapsing underneath me, and the pain was more bothersome especially at night, I thought it time to bite the bullet and see my G.P. I expected some mild arthritis on the test results, so I was a tad surprised to realise how severe it actually was, but its a great testament to the effectiveness of my treatments of acupuncture and massage. So am I getting the knee replacements....? well no, not yet. I am continuing with the self treating but stepping up the massage with Tui Na, and incorporating supplements and herbs. I want to hang on to my own knees as long as possible, because as much as replacement joints are marvelous they are still not as good as your own. A positive that has resulted from this, is knowing my approach to muscular skeletal issues really does work and its why I gets such good feedback from my clients.

Just to add further to muscular skeletal issues, I have seen a lot of clients recently with lower back pain, knee pain and foot pain so one aspect I always check is the feet...yes that is what I said....the feet. Mr SH is a biomechanics podiatrist and I have taken onboard his knowledge and experience, and always have a look at my clients shoes and feet when they present with lower back / knee / foot pain to see how someone is walking because they are nearly always linked. Below is a picture of someone's feet over pronating (which means leaning inwards), this person suffers from plantar fasciitis, knee issues, and lower back pain and was resolved with orthotics, acupuncture and massage. So don't discount your feet being the source of the problem, they might just provide the solution.

The Benefits of Ginger Tea

This sums up the month of April and as we move into May, hopefully we'll gain some warmer weather but don't forget the old saying 'Ne'er cast a clout till May be out' which means don't discard your extra winter layers just yet. Indeed I am still making ginger tea for those chilly days and nights we keep getting. Ginger tea is very simple to make and is also great for when you have cold or flu. You can find the recipe below, hope you enjoy it. 

How to Make Proper Ginger Tea


About 1 inch of fresh raw ginger grated.

1 cup of boiling water.

1 teaspoons honey.

Optional: 1/2 lemon juiced.


Peel the fresh ginger then grate it (please be careful with your fingers on the grater).

Boil a kettle of water and put the hot water into the cup. Add the grated ginger and leave for at least 10 minutes.

Add the honey (and lemon if you want) to taste.

Sip slowly once its cooled down enough for it to be drank warm, not hot.


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