Are you in pain?

Whether its chronic or acute pain, Shen Holistics understands the misery it brings each and every day, and it feels unrelenting.
Pain can affect pretty much everywhere in the body, whether its joint pain from arthritis, or muscle aches and strains. Or if you are suffering from abdominal pain from periods, IBS, or bladder syndromes. Maybe you experience the agony of migraines or headaches. Any pain condition whether acute or chronic makes you understand how much the pain impacts the everyday of life, and how it can make life a complete misery.


But there is help... Acupuncture and Hypnotherapy can help with both chronic and acute pain. So if you are getting no relief from your analgesia
(pain killers), or you are fed up of taking them because they are giving you side effects. Then looking at something different to help with your pain is worth considering.
There is a great deal of scientific research out there which shows that Acupuncture and Hypnotherapy does work, and its no longer all hocus pocus stuff. But if you are still not convinced and think its all a placebo, or in the mind then have a look at research articles on animals getting Acupuncture.
Remember animals don't know placebo, its purely a human concept.
This link to the National Centre for Complementary and Intragrative Health Website, has some great information. You'll also find the article link which discusses Acupuncture helping with inflammation too.

Get in touch

So if you are struggling with your chronic or acute pain, get in touch with me and make an appointment here at Shen Holistics for either Acupuncture and/or Hypnotherapy.

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