This month has flown by and I've noticed a great many of my clients are loving the gorgeous weather we are experiencing here in the UK right now. Much of May was particularly nice too but I spent a lot of my spare time making sure Shen Holistics was GDPR compliant, unless you have been living under a rock you will have heard and probably groaned about it. GDPR is the new EU data protection policy implemented on the 25 May 2018. I'm pleased to say it was done in time and all my clients were emailed advising them of my privacy policy, which can be read here.  

Fabulous Feedback

So June has been a very busy month, I've received wonderful feedback which I love because it makes me appreciate why I work in the health sector. A client is pregnant after having regular acupuncture with me for 6 months, she was going to try IVF because she has a few complications but decided to give acupuncture a try. Both she and myself are absolutely delighted, and the pregnancy is going well. My fibromyalgia clients are feeling much better. More energy and less aching plus they have an appetite which is fantastic, all from acupuncture. Feedback from a hypnotherapy client who wanted more confidence, she walked into a hairdressers and got a fringe cut in! Now that may not sound a great deal, but this client had not been to the hairdresser in 20 years and had always done it herself, including the cut. So this is really huge, and her hair looks amazing with the new fringe and really suits her. She's also saying no when she really doesn't want to do something without feeling guilty, which is incredible. Another lady received hypnosis for anxiety and lack of confidence a few weeks ago, she has since ditched her energy sucking job and got a new much better one...all in the space of 2 weeks! I am so happy for the feedback.

Sun Protection

I hope you are all enjoying this lovely weather we are experiencing in the Northern Hemisphere, apologies to those in the Southern Hemisphere where I hear it has been a tad cold...just a reminder to be careful of the sun. Whilst we do need our vitamin D and the sun is the best source, please be careful not to get burnt. We all know the damage the sun can do, it not only ages you but can cause skin cancer and members of my family know only too well what this is like.  I'm fair skinned, blue eyes and blonde hair so my skin burns pretty quickly without protection, so I take inspiration from my dog. She'll sit outside in the sun for 10 minutes maximum then return indoors, she drinks plenty of water and will not venture out at all between 11am and 4pm.  Even then I check the outside surface temperature with my hand and if its still to hot, then we don't venture outside until its cooler. Great advice I think. If you do need to go outdoors then use a high sun protection factor. Be really careful with babies and small children when in the sun (Read advice for children and babies here), and keep animals indoors or in the shade between 11am and 4pm. I do have to say this because people still keep doing it, DO NOT LEAVE BABIES, CHILDREN OR ANIMALS IN A CAR DURING THE SUMMER!!! Whether that's with windows up or down slightly, as its too warm. Please don't it, not even for a few minutes.

Homegrown & Happy

I was lucky enough to attend the The Homegrown Food Festival in Northallerton on the 24 June 2018, where the most amazing people create culinary delights and entertain the public with the Food Theatre. Its a fantastic atmosphere and gets more popular each year. The stalls offer a food experience from all four corners of the globe, and for me being a TCM practitioner I love seeing how they use different ingredients to create a taste experience and it inspires people to try something new they wouldn't normally try. Of course for me, it inspires me to use it with my clients so they enjoy their food even more, especially when they know its helping them to feel better.

Honey and Hayfever

One last little note, I am seeing a huge amount of people with hayfever this year because the pollen levels are very high. Some people swear by raw honey for hayfever and this article by The Telegraph explains a bit more. (Read here). So if you find someone selling honey please buy some. I know its more expensive than the shop bought but it contains natural vitamins, phytonutrients and other nutritional elements, and of course its delicious. Also do the bees a favour and if you can plant some bee friendly flowers in your garden. They will really thank you for it in the form of fabulous honey with great health benefits.

If there is anything you think I can help with please don't hesitate in getting in touch.

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