I wrote this article originally in the summer of 2018, when the UK was experiencing its hottest and driest summer since 1976. Its still applicable today and has some great information, even the BBC did a feature week on menopause in May 2019, and I've attached quite a few of the BBC links to the end of this article so please read on and I hope it proves helpful. Everyone is feeling the heat and humidity which is making sleeping and general daytime activities rather difficult. But if we are finding it a challenge spare a thought for the peri-menopausal / menopausal ladies right now because they are suffering. Ladies do joke to get some sleep they have to do the menopause hokey cokey....right leg in, right leg out, in, out, in, out, shake it all about!

Now we all know that peri - menopause / menopause can bring hot flushes and night sweats and not all ladies will experience symptoms, but the vast majority will and sometimes quite severely. There are around 34 symptoms of the menopause and many ladies will struggle on, not realising that menopause is in fact the route cause. You can read the symptoms of the menopause here. 

Now Mother Nature is very cruel but the first thing is to recognise if you are in peri - menopause / menopause, so from the age of 35 you can be peri - menopausal or menopausal so have a look at the list of 34 symptoms and recognise if you are experiencing some or all of the symptoms. If you are then a trip to see your GP is needed....especially if you are younger than 45 years old. Just to note the difference between peri - menopause and menopause is menstruation. You are in peri - menopause until 12 months after your last period then you are in menopause, and you can get the symptoms whether you are in peri - menopause or menopause. It makes no difference.


Your GP may want to do some blood tests to confirm its your hormones, because sometimes symptoms can be from other issues such as thyroid so a GP visit is needed to determine if there is another problem.

If you are peri - menopausal / menopausal then don't panic because the days of having to suffer what previous generations of ladies endured are long gone. Yes, there is HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) and deciding whether to take that is a very individual decision to be discussed with your GP or medical practitioner. HRT has shown to be very beneficial in relieving symptoms but it does increase risks of certain diseases and protect against others, so its something you should think very carefully about before making the decision.

How Acupuncture Can Help

There are lots of herbal preparations which ladies do find help with their symptoms and these are very popular. Again, this is a very individual decision about what to try if you need it but I should point out that you may need to try several before finding the right one for you that works. Some ladies use ladycare magnets or chillow pillows, these seem to help as do cool showers and regular exercise. I do advise to avoid eating spicy food and drinking alcohol and caffeine because these add heat into the body, and if you are hot and sweating adding further heat will not help you.

Many of my ladies choose to use acupuncture and diet to help them through the menopause and, some of them also use hypnotherapy as that helps with the symptoms too. But the most important point is to find something that works for you and understand you might need multiple things to help you manage your peri - menopause / menopause.


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