Right, you've decided to make 2019 the year you get fitter, eat healthy, or sort out those ongoing health issues and try to relax more, perhaps you might want to loose some weight and feel slimmer, or you want to seek help for an addiction or some fear / phobia that has held you back? Well, congratulations because you've taken the first step in recognising that you want to make changes for YOU....very often we try to make changes but we are doing it for other people rather than ourselves and inevitability it will fail. You have also decided to address the most precious thing you will ever have....your health.

So first things first, make sure whatever changes you make you are doing them for YOU and YOU alone. Secondly, take baby steps. At the beginning of January we are bristling with virtue, we join the gym, we go on a diet, we stop smoking or drinking alcohol, and by week two of January people are fed up and miserable. I want to point out at this juncture that diets are designed to fail, and whatever weight you have lost in the past I'm pretty sure you have put it back on with some extra, so stop right now with the diets. All the changes need to be done slowly, so start perhaps changing your eating regime and implementing some gentle exercise for the next month, make sure the exercise is something you like. There is no point joining a gym if you loathe it...you might be better at a team sport or something with an instructor like a class to motivate you. Remember the reasons why you are doing it and write them down where you can see them on a regular basis, this is so you don't loose your motivation.

Keep a positive mindset, its possibly taken years to get you to the position you are now so its not going to change within a few weeks...however you will start to notice changes over time and if your new health regime doesn't feel like a chore you are most likely to stick to it.

How can Shen Holistics help?

Here at Shen Holistics we offer a wide range of treatments;

Hypnotherapy for those addictions whether its smoking, alcohol, gambling or even sugar, is something we can deal with. Hypnotherapy can also be used to help with slimming and with improved performance at the gym or sports. Please note that hypnotherapy for slimming is NOT a diet!!! I repeat it is NOT a diet!!! You can still eat whatever you want but you will be trained how to eat and how much to eat, does that sound intriguing? Being able to get slim but still eat what you want, sounds great doesn't it? and it is... so if you want to know more then get in touch with me about the hypnoweight program.

What about those fears and phobias? yes hypnotherapy can help with those too. So if you've been wanting to do something and a fear / phobia is stopping you then get in touch with me, I've dealt with a wide range of fears / phobias from the very common to the most bizarre and there is nothing we cannot do hypnotherapy for.

Anxiety and stress I hear you ask, both acupuncture and hypnotherapy can help with those. These are fairly common and the vast majority of people in my clinic have some form of stress / anxiety even if the person has a physical problem, very often there is an underlying stress or anxiety. You can help yourself by trying some meditation, getting some good nights sleep, and eating regularly. Even short walks during the day or getting some fresh air when possible will help stress levels. If you feel like your stress levels are through the roof and you are struggling, then please get in touch with me because I offer a 6 treatment package and it includes learning Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) completely FREE as part of the package.

Any other health issues you have maybe helped by acupuncture and / or hypnotherapy so get in touch via the contact page and see how I can help you.

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