It's been 11 years since I graduated as an Acupuncturist and set up Shen Holistics.
But it's actually been 15 years since I started as a therapist, my first venture being a Reiki practitioner.
Shen Holistics has gone through some major changes, and some challenges if I'm being honest. I dare say it will do again in the future. I also often wonder where that time has gone, even after 11 years I'm still learning. As practitioners we never know it ALL.
Sadly, I've seen a few practitioners come and go in that time. It's quite common for burn out to occur with therapists, which is why I focus alot on self care with my clients. ☺️
I know normally this day passes, without me noticing or commenting. But this year I did want to mark it, and I hope you'll all raise a glass and celebrate with me, that making 15 years in the therapy industry is quite an achievement.
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