According to Chinese folklore, August is known as Ghost Month and it’s a time when the spirits of dead ancestors and relatives visit the world of the living. As such, people may refrain from doing things such as traveling, starting a business, or moving to a new home as these may upset the spirits.

Ghost Month usually occurs in the entire seventh month of the Chinese lunar calendar, the entire seventh month of the year is known as “Ghost Month.” In 2023, according to the Gregorian calendar, it means Ghost Month will start around August 16 and end around September 14. With the actual Ghost Festival taking place on 30th August.

Feng Shui Masters know Ghost Month is particularly inauspicious, marriages during this period are believed not to last long. People who are superstitious will also avoid visiting the sick in hospital, getting surgery or attending a funeral during this month. Although they can’t directly harm us, the ghosts tend to bring misfortune, such as accidents and conflict, to the living. However, it is these bouts of bad luck that may lead to anywhere from minor inconveniences to court disputes and even to physical harm.

How can you avoid any potential encounters with Ghosts during the Ghost month?

1. Don’t stay out too late at night: This is especially important for children, elders, and pregnant women. During the festival, ghosts are at their strongest at night due to the Yin energy. It is wise to return home before sunset.

2. Don’t do any water activities: Water ghosts will look for victims to reincarnate on the day and may try to drown people in the water. Stay away from water activities during Ghost Month.

3. Don’t touch food offerings: The offerings by the roadside or in fields in Asia are prepared for ghosts. Touching or stepping on the offerings could ‘offend’ the ghosts.

4. Don’t pick up money on the street: The money is meant to bribe the guards of hell. Taking the money may offend them

5. Avoid wearing red or black clothing: These two colors are particularly enticing to ghosts and can attract unwanted attention.

6. Don’t hang clothes outside at night: Wandering ghosts may try on the clothes, and then be inadvertently brought inside along with the clothes.

7. Avoid scheduling major life events: Moving to a new house, weddings, business openings, renovations, and medical operations.

8.  Don’t kill butterflies: Especially those that enter your home, as they’re believed to be visiting spirits.

9.  Don’t open an umbrella indoors: Wandering ghosts seek shelter during this period, and opening an umbrella indoors could be seen as an invitation for them.

10. Don’t stick your chopsticks vertically into your bowl: The gods or ghosts may mistake it for an offering. This is because, during regular rituals, chopsticks are often inserted into offerings.

11. Don’t hang wind chimes at home: Whilst you may enjoy the pleasant sound of wind chimes, caution is necessary during the Ghost Month (7th lunar month). As ghosts are known to wander and be drawn to the sound, this can lead to unwelcome spiritual encounters. It’s recommended to remove any wind chimes from your home during this time. If you have wind chimes for Feng Shui reasons, it is wise to seek advice from your Feng Shui Practitioner on how to remedy this situation.

12. Don’t take photos during the Ghost Month: Cameras might accidentally capture unintended sightings

13. Don’t tap people on the shoulder: Especially not when their backs are turned. For all you know, you could be tapping a ghost by mistake.

14. Don’t call out names, and if you hear yours called don’t turn around straight way: When you call out a name, a similarly named ghost might be within earshot. If someone calls out to you, slowly turn your entire body, not just your head. You may be in for a fright if you aren’t careful.

15. Be extra careful: Whether you are driving around town, or traveling across the world be particularly careful of what you are doing because the ghosts can cause mishaps and accidents.

Remember Ghost Month doesn’t last long, so keep a positive attitude and don’t make any big life decisions at all throughout the month. Your home should be kept clean, light and bright, and ensure you wear bright colour (Yang) as this deters the ghosts away from you.

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