I am happy and grateful to announce that I will be remaining open during the lockdown in November, and will continue to help patients with their current problems. I received the above email from one of my lovely long term patients a few days ago who is extremely please I am able to remain open, because as you can see I am providing a vital service not just for her but facilitating her family's need's too.

However, there is a slight change in how I will operate over the next 4 weeks. I can only work in these next weeks of lockdown if I follow the strict protocol provided by my governing body of the British Acupuncture Association (BAA) and my current insurance company BALENS. The new protocol enables me to only operate face to face appointments for patients who have serious long term health issues which are affecting their day to day activities and health.

I also have to limit the length of time I am in close contact with patients, so I am unable to see patients for Acupressure Massage treatments, or Chinese Cupping Therapy. All appointments booked in are for Acupuncture only, all other appointments will be rearranged for December. I have to clinically justify the patients who I see in accordance with Public Health England Legislation, meaning I can only see patients who’s medical issues have a significant impact on their ability to carry out their normal daily activities, and who I can prevent from entering the stretched NHS resources right now.


There will be strict checks prior to the date of appointment, and also strict checks prior to entering the treatment room. Points to note and advise me of are as follows:

1) New and continual cough, or a change to the type of cough

2) High temperature

3) Loss or change to Taste/Smell

4) Sore throat

5) Fatigue

There are other symptoms so please check the NHS website for more info on COVID symptoms -


The precautions within the clinical environment itself have not changed and will be as follows:

- PPE (face coverings) both patient and myself  & clinical apron and visor for myself

- Hand wash station pre/post plus alcohol gel

- Temperature checks - (Above 37.3 degrees) will not be allowed in

- Risk assessment

- Patient covid declaration form7

-QR code for the NHS Track and Trace


If you have any queries, both current and new potential patients then please email me or give me a call. I will reply/call you back as soon as I can, please be patient as it may be a few hours until I can contact you, as I will be working in the clinic or I will be working my way through contacting my current patients. If you are unsure about your appointment, or whether your treatment can go ahead then please contact myself. I am in the process of contacting every patient who is booked in already over the next 4 weeks, to let you know about your appointment.

I would like to thank each and every person both patients and friends for their continuous support throughout this whole pandemic situation.

Stay safe everyone, take care.

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