It’s officially Autumn so in Chinese Medicine terms it means we are in Metal season. Each season is associated with a different element, Winter is Water, Spring is Wood, Summer is Fire, and we have late summer which is Earth.

Each season is associated with different parts of the body and in future posts I will be discussing how the seasons affect those parts and what you may experience in terms of health issues and how you can help yourself.

But in this post we are talking about Autumn and the areas of the body associated with the Metal element, which are the Lung and Large Intestine. I’m already noticing people are getting colds and flu, stuffy noses, sore throats,and sinus congestion. Plus chesty coughs and infections, skin dryness and changes in hair texture all which are associated with the Lung. People are also noticing a change in digestive health, a bit more bloating, loose stools, and borborygmus which is the technical name for stomach rumbling.

Autumn is traditionally a time to harvest and a time to let things go. It’s also a time for quiet introspection and a time to return to the core self. Mr Shen Holistics and I love to go walking and kick up the leaves, we also enjoy fruit picking whether its brambles or apples to make a delicious Qi nourishing fruit crumble. One of our other favourite past times is to light some candles, put on some relaxing music and read some books. Its a way of returning to the core self and just having some time for you.

Because Autumn is metal season, its associated with the emotion of grief so you may find yourself getting more emotional than normal. You may also find yourself feeling colder than normal, and our defensive Qi starts to get tested by outside invasions such as cold and flu bugs. I advise my patients to start wearing a scarf when it feels chilly, as this helps protect your defensive Qi and stop eating salads and cold foods. Its now time to return to the soups, stews and casserole’s, all food from now on must be cooked not raw.

Things associated with Autumn and Metal are;
Colour: white
Direction: west
Emotion: grief
Taste: spicy
Element: metal

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