Here are a few testimonials from some of my patients.  Some have come via email, others via an online review.

After being an extremely nervous flyer for 13+ years I visited Sharon to have some hypnotherapy and can safely say it was one of the best things I have done , I have gone from sitting in my seat for 8+ hours not eating or drinking and no one being able to talk to me. To on my last flight a few weeks ago being able to get out of my seat several times to see my family who were seated a few rows away, this was met with “your getting brave “ as this was not something I would usually do.
I can not recommend Sharon highly enough if you have a fear of flying as I now feel confident enough to get on a plane and cope with the journey ahead in relevant comfort instead of the stress the build up to and the flight use to cause me. JC - Middlesbrough

I began acupuncture sessions after being diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy. Doctors prescribed a course of steroids and gave an estimated recovery time of 3-9 months, with added complications due to the development of shingles. However, after just four weeks worth of sessions at Shen Holistics I have almost all use of my facial muscles back. The treatment I received was absolutely amazing, and Sharon is a star. Even after just the first session, I could feel a huge difference (which was noticed by my friends and family). And each week thereafter, the effects of the treatment were fantastic. Having been a newbie to acupuncture, and to be perfectly honest quite sceptical to begin with, I am absolutely converted. I would recommend acupuncture at Shen Holistics to absolutely everyone. PB - Middlesbrough

Simply Fantasic at Shen - Visited Sharon after a recommendation from my pole fitness instructor. She assessed me and provided massage, cupping and acupuncture for acute pain I had in my waist/lats area. I’m astounded at the results. One session and the pain was drastically reduced. Two and I feel like a new woman. I’m a convert, will be back and can heartedly recommend. Knowledgeable, skilled, professional and a lovely welcoming person too. Sharon, I can’t thank you enough!! KH - Stockton on Tees

Can not recommend this enough!!! Cupping is the best treatment I have ever had for my muscles , my shoulders have never felt as soft. I’m a pole fitness instructor, and I’m extremely active my shoulders and back take a lot of work , I’ll always come back to Sharon for my monthly cupping !!! SG - Stockton on Tees

A year ago the NHS gave me a new hip - visits to Shen Holistics have meant that I have had the most amazingly active life since. Thank you so much for all you do to enable me to lead the very full life I do! It is much appreciated! JN - Hartlepool

Saw Sharon for hypnotherapy a few weeks ago, as I was suffering from stress and anxiety due to my energy sucking job. I had no confidence whatsoever but Sharon changed all that, she gave me my confidence back and within three weeks I quit my job and got a new much better one which I love. I have my confidence back, my family life is much calmer and I feel good.
Thanks so much Sharon. Liz Goodfellow - Stockton on Tees

Had acupuncture and massage from Sharon at Shen Holistics for my back and hip pain which had been going on a long time. After just one session I had a massive improvement and after further treatment I'm now pain free.
Highly recommended. James Colburn - Middlesbrough

A lovely thank you present from a client received in April 2018.

I just want to express how much Sharon has helped me, I have suffered with IBS for years and people don't realise how much it affects your life. I was thoroughly fed up with all the symptoms, so I decided to try acupuncture with Sharon at Shen Holistics. I felt reassured as soon as I spoke to her and she is strict in terms of diet, but I can honestly say she knows what she's talking about. After only a few treatments I feel so much better, and my IBS has improved dramatically. I've also had hypnotherapy with Sharon to deal with some other issues and its amazing. So thank you Sharon, you have no idea how much you've changed my life for the better. Can't wait for my next treatment.... A Coverdale - Middlesbrough

I was treated for a frozen shoulder and was completely mobile in 3 treatments. I feel so much better. Shen holistics will be my first point of contact if I have any further problems. Very professional. Thank you. M Day - Middlesbrough

I saw Sharon in December 2017 for hypnosis, because I had a terrible fear of flying. I had booked a long haul fight to see friends and family but I was considering cancelling as I was that petrified of the flight! Well after the hypnosis session with Sharon, I had no problems whatsoever even when the plane hit turbulence. I had an amazing holiday and can hardly wait for my next trip away. Thank you so much Sharon. x M Patterson - Stockton on Tees

I first visited Shen Holistics because I had arthritis in my right hip and had been placed on NHS path to being recommended for surgery. However, the pain was constant and was directly restricting my way of life, particularly as in my retirement my plan had been to travel with my husband and thoroughly enjoy the company, of my three grandchildren (all younger that 3 years). Sharon used all her skills to ensure that I could achieve this way of life. She could not cure the arthritis but what she enabled me to do through her skills was to live the life that I wanted. A planned walking trip to Macedonia was possible because Sharon' s expertise enabled me to walk, climb and complete every day's activity. Sharon gave me back my life.
After hip replacement surgery in August 2017 Sharon worked her magic yet again helping put right the enforced back muscle problems and leg problems.
Without my visits to Shen Holistics I would not be able to live the dream of my retirement - being there for my family, looking after my adorable grandchildren and enjoying trips with my husband.
Thank you Sharon you gave me my life back!
Mrs N - Hartlepool

I've been having treatment with Sharon for a frozen shoulder. At the initial treatment I could barely stand for my shoulder to be touched due to the pain and had very limited range of movement. Sharon has carried out acupuncture, cupping and massage. Each session has seen a reduction in the pain. The difference is amazing! Range of movement has also improved and I can actually do the exercises the physio gave me now that the pain has reduced so much. After months of being in pain and being so uncomfortable I feel like I'm starting to get my life back(if you've had or got a frozen shoulder you will know what I mean!). Can't thank Sharon enough. She listens and is understanding, she explains everything she is doing and why and I would highly recommend her... Ms N - Guisborough

I’ve seen Sharon a number of times for back, hip and neck pain. She did acupuncture, massage and cupping. After treatment I was relieved of pain significantly and felt so much better. Can’t her enough for a pleasant experience and wouldn’t hesitate to visit again. Highly recommended. Thanks so Sharon!... Ms A - Stockton on Tees

My wife was recovering from two major operations and chemotherapy has had treatment from Sharon for a couple of months and it has helped enormously.... Mr O'L - Middlesbrough

I've had acupuncture and hypnosis from Sharon at Shen Holistics.  Sharon is very professional caring and puts you at ease if needs be.  Her treatment room is relaxing, clean and tidy. An excellent price for the treatment that your given to a highest standard. With the treatments from Shen Holistics I don't need to take anti-depressants anymore and I'm pain free. I wouldn't go anywhere else. This is why I highly recommend Shen Holistics.... Mrs S - Middlesbrough

You have given me my life back, I feel so much better. Thank you Sharon... Mrs C - Middlesbrough

I’ve had the joy of being treated by Sharon and the difference in my health is immeasurable; it wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that she has given me my life back. For years I have suffered with quite extreme IBS. My symptoms meant leaving the house with massive anxiety, and as a consequence I had become frightened of eating and my diet had reduced to plain jacket potatoes. I had sought help at my doctors, but I found them very dismissive of the extreme nature of the issue. I was constantly anxious as IBS affected every part of my life, and I felt physically and mentally in a poor state of health.

I had been researching local help and desperate for some kind of relief, not knowing what to expect. I ended up speaking to Sharon and straight away she said she felt she could help me. Filled with hope I booked an appointment and started seeing her weekly at first. Despite what you may think about needles the treatment is pain free and very relaxing! It felt wonderful to be embarking on a course of treatment that gave me back hope of a normal life and made me feel more in control of my own body than I had done in a long time. Sharon provided diet advice, recommended various health checks and reassurance. Treatment was tailored each week to suit those needs, so I am always improving my health every visit. Sharon helped me to understand my condition, my triggers and how to act to prevent issues arising in the first place.

With Sharon’s ongoing guidance, I started eating different things, learned to reduce and manage my symptoms and began to trust food again. My energy and life outlook changed massively, my anxiety reduced and I could start to leave the house more often; and with that my confidence started to return. This confidence has allowed me to stop being defined by IBS and my life choices are no longer limited by poor health.

Sharon continues to support me and is always there for me, with all aspects of health. During my time with Sharon I have accumulated so much knowledge about my condition and myself I can self-manage a lot between appointments and keep control of my condition. It is these tools that have given me my life back. I would encourage anyone suffering from any challenges to try acupuncture with Sharon like I did, because you never know it could just change your life too. Miss P - Redcar.

Thank you Sharon. Before my visit to you my shoulder was agony with very restricted movement and within 15 minutes you released it and the pain eased considerably. Absolutely amazing! Mr C - Stockton on Tees

I saw you for hypnosis to help my with my fear of flying, I have now booked a holiday and I'm looking forward to it. Thank you so much. Mrs F - Stockton on Tees

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